February 26, 2011 at 1:06 am (LANGUAGE)

An OT diversion here led me to a short trip to my favorite etymology source, where I found this mother of all…well, of all. Turns out, some gentleman by the name of Farmer, who obviously had too much free time on his hands, compiled a list of synonyms in various languages. My personal favorite: End of the Sentimental Journey, with undeniable as a very close runner-up.


  1. ETat said,

    “Parenthesis” is mine.
    Incidentally, why “blue”? Does the word makes you sad?

  2. Alisa said,

    Yeah, ‘parenthesis’ is good too:-)

    Blue has several meanings. But even more curiously, the one relevant here has a contronym – hence the question mark.

  3. ETat said,

    “puritanical” and at the same time “risque, obscene”?
    Can’t imagine what Victorian men suspected the “bluestocking” governesses were up to.

  4. Old Fat Sailor said,

    The governess may have had something to do with the “Sailor Blue,” I mean Hearts of Oak and all that! The signal flag flown at the beginning of an endeavour was the “Blue Peter” after all. Oh G-d someone stop me! R

  5. Alisa said,


  6. Julie near Chicago said,

    My lord, I can read Chaucer in Chaucerian! Alisa, thank you for the delightful excursion in itself, and also for the result that I can now read a line of actual Chaucer! :>)))

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