January 30, 2011 at 2:51 am (COMMENTARY)


  1. Old Fat Sailor said,

    Kinda like a minimalist Jim Morrison……

  2. Alisa said,

    Nah, much better.

  3. Old Fat Sailor said,

    Even better, look up Flogging Molly’s Today is the Worst Day Since Yesterday on you tube-ever thought you would see Irish punk? R

  4. Alisa said,

    I shudder at the mere thought. What’s next, Jewish punk?:-)

  5. Old Fat Sailor said,

    Mariachi Punk! Google Mariachi el Bronx….

  6. אליסה said,


    How’s you?

  7. Old Fat Sailor said,

    Not too bad, chemo is over-results not the best but still going on, still working.
    Keeping the grandson for the winter while daughter the doctor is doing rotations-not that we are complaining, Joy has had two novels published; The 13th Victim and Belle Park under her nome de plume Renee Porter-available on Amazon and Barns and Noble reader and hard copy (A little spam there 🙂
    And you and yours how goes it?

  8. אליסה said,

    I’ll look them up!

    Send some pictures? We are doing fine, will tell you in an e-mail if you send the pictures…:-)

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