June 18, 2010 at 12:53 pm (COMMENTARY)

Ran into something I wrote eons ago (October 20 2002, to be more precise). A big chunk of my old blog is there on bad old Blogspot. Wow.


  1. ETat said,

    Is that you on the new avatar? Not how I thought you look at all!

  2. Alisa said,

    Yep, good old me, only 3 years younger:-)

  3. ETat said,

    You look French!

  4. Alisa said,

    Oh, I’ve heard it all, believe me, anything but Russian – which is not all that surprising, seeing as I am only something like 25% Russian anyway.

    Wait, you didn’t really think I looked something like the old avatar, did you?:-)

  5. ETat said,

    Sorry for delay – went out to buy apricots and strawberries; it’s baking season.

    No, not really – but I thought you look more like a…German, perhaps, or Scandinavian – certainly blond, and maybe in round tortoise-shell glasses!

  6. Alisa said,


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