May 29, 2010 at 10:57 pm (COMMENTARY)

I humbly suggested to whoever was willing to listen (or maybe not) replacing Rourke with another Statham, but to no avail. Granted, it may have been too obvious that given the chance I would replace all of them with several more Stathams. Either that, or my suggestion may have been too humble…


  1. ETat said,

    I agree – Rourke’s doing nothing for me. However, I’d replace them all with Брюсик, not Statham. Even though this time he chose to be one w/o the arsenal.

    Seems we both have “thing” for close-cropped hairstyle, mm?

  2. Alisa said,

    Brucik would me my runner-up:-)

    And Rourke is doing something for me, but it is something I wouldn’t mention, for fear of you losing not only your last lunch, but any other meal you are likely to have ever again…

  3. ETat said,

    Then I’d rather not ask – I love my meals!

    Here’s my runner up – Hugh Dillon (try to find Canadian series Durham County…O.M.G.)

    Too bad he’s not better known.

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