May 20, 2010 at 3:21 pm (SMELLING THE FLOWERS)

It’s as if Kandinsky splashed his Red Spot on top of Picasso’s Blue Period – lovely:


  1. ETat said,

    where is it – Jerusalem?

  2. Alisa said,

  3. ETat said,

    Urgh, I’m showing my utter ignorance!

    [is it really as good as they say?]

  4. Alisa said,

    I’d never heard of it myself until not long ago while perusing the NYT film-review section.

    It is very appealing visually: the entire film (less than an hour long) is shot in the same palette as the frame above, with the exception of a few key scenes (which, come to think of it, themselves serve as proverbial “red spots” against the backdrop of the rest of the film). It is also very sweetly humorous. Lovely.

  5. ETat said,

    An elegant concept. Well, the French – it figures.

  6. mc said,

    That just reminded me of a Persian film called “The White Balloon” from 1995. The pacing was very patient. Not a bad film. Strove for “charming” but fell just short after a strong attempt.

  7. Alisa said,

    There is something magical about balloons…fish are a different matter:-)

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